Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hello readers (Bailey).

In my first real post on this blog thing, I'll talk about the only project I currently have underway: The Ripple Afghan. My brotha Murray gave me an afghan knitting kit for Christmas 2009 (really, I'm pretty sure my mom is the one who ordered it and paid for it but it was Murray's name on the tag). Included in this kit was the pattern, the freaking huge circular needles and about 8 balls of yarn, so it was a pretty sweet deal considering I'm too lazy/cheap to gather all those things for myself. It's currently April and I've almost got that sucker done, which is an impressive feat for me (someone who never finishes anything that they've started).

The colour is amethyst, as you can see from the picture. It currently measures 105cmx80cm, and I have 1.5 more balls of yarn to use up. The pattern is really quite easy if not a bit tedious, however I find it to be the best project to keep on the coffee table so I can knit while watching Grey's. Possibly my favourite thing about it is that it even works as an afghan before I've even completed it: I can drape it on my legs while knitting it so as to keep me warm in this horrendous spring we've been having. What a perfect situation!

I still have a couple more weeks of effort to put into it, but I think it will be well worth it. However, Bailey, I have a question for you: to tassel or not to tassel? I'm thinking the tassels would give it a more blanket-y vibe instead of just being a large knit rectangle, however, as my mom pointed out, tassels went out of style around 1976...thoughts?

Laterz! xox

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I suppose you're already my friend if you're reading this, but on the off chance that you stumbled upon this I'll let you know a little about myself.

My name is Jenna and I'm a soon-to-be university student, which is very exciting. I'm on my gap year now and have been playing the role of an entomologist for the past 9 months, which isn't really close to what I want to do for the rest of my life at all. Most of my free time is dedicated to scrapbooking, knitting, cooking or some other form of crafty things to help keep me sane. I'm not excellent at any of these things, but hey. It's fun. Other than that I like music a lot (who doesn't say that?) - more specifically good and tacky music. I'm basically fluent in Spanish (ask anyone) and I'm ready to move out but I'm still not ready to leave.

My idea for this "blog" came from a certain Bailey, one of my besties, and she's really been doing quite well on her little website there. I suggest you check it out!

¡Hasta luego!