Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The living is easy

Hello avid reader(s). I've been having a lovely time back in my home province of Manitoba this summer, readying myself for university life while relaxing and visiting with my friends and family at the same time. I had three friends come out to see how we Canadians do for a few weeks, which was amazing and different, because my two worlds (European and Canadian) were merging and I was very excited to make that happen. While we weren't extremely wild (one night my mom made us go out for drinks because we had been knitting too much) we had fun and saw lots of truly Canadian things... bison.

While I had my friends here, I began a project I can't really talk much about yet as it's a secret (shh). All I can say is it's a really big project and it's blue:

But, other than that I've been crafting my little heart out. I visited my cousins, which was so nice because I hadn't been able to spend much time with them this summer. While I was there, my aunt had a small project for us to do that I'd be needing it come next Thursday. She had 12 zippers ready for me when I got there, and we were to make a pencil case out of them, which was actually really successful. She had just bought a new sewing machine the week before, so it worked out perfectly. First, my cousin and I decided what order the colours should be and layed them out, then we sewed them together side-by-side with a tight, wide zig-zag stitch. The hard part was completing them in a circle, but with a little blind sewing it worked out well. Then we used a triple straight stitch to complete it by joining each end and voila: a pencil case made entirely of zippers.

It wasn't a huge project but I've got too many of those going on now, so it was refreshing to complete something in only a couple of hours. Plus, no one will have a pencil case like that at Guelph. Sorted.

In other news, the day I've been waiting for for 15 months is finally arriving on Friday!! I'm so ready to finally start university and get busy again! Wish me luck!

xoxoxox Jenna