Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cupcakes & Heart Hats


So I just completed my first week of non-work in 9 months, during which I baked some goodies, knit a hat, practiced guitar, and slept...all good things! Last week I found an icing pipe after searching all over Basel for one, and I was an eager beaver so the next day I made some delicious cupcakes. Actually, they weren't that delicious but the point of them were to get some practice with the icing pipe, so at least I got that much. To be honest though, they look pretty awesome in this picture...I'm just going to try some other recipes until I find ones that I really like and work well with the icing pipe. I made a butter cream icing, which was a little too oily for me but it took the shape well and hardened up after a while, so I can't complain too much.

Another exciting thing that happened to me came in the post on Thursday...I received my order from 8Season which contained about 40 different sized knitting needles, 10ish crochet needles (so now I have no reason not to learn to crochet), stitch markers, yarn scissors and a lovely silk case. It took me about an hour to unpack everything because all of the needles were packed separately, but it was so worth it! All in all it cost me about US$80, which is a friggen steal of a deal, so thanks Bailey for showing me that :) In any case, getting mail is always the best part of any day!

I decided that I had no more excuses not to make this hat that I've loved since I first laid eyes on I did. And it was super fast, I was so pleased! I started on Friday evening and knitted my heart out (ba-dum-CH), and finished today (Sunday) morning.

I'm pretty pleased with it because it was my first time even trying fair isle, and I think that it went quite well as the hearts actually look like hearts. The only changes I made to Pickles' pattern were that I used size US5.5 instead of US6.0 because I was using quite thin wool and I didn't the weave to be too loose, but I think I had to pay the price of having a slightly tighter I might have to give it to one of my smaller-headed friends. I also mucked up the decreasing at the end because I got too caught up in Private Practice and forgot to keep count, but that was no big deal, so I just winged (wung?) it. Lovely.

Besos xo


baileyb said...

JENNA! That is such a beautiful hat! and I can't believe how fast you wh-ipped that sucker up :). Plus your cupcakes look so PROFESSIONAL and yummy. I want one right now :)


Jessie said...

This is awesome, 1, where can I find the pattern and 2, that is super quick and 3, who did you give it to in the end?

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