Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Afghan: Complete!


So, that afghan that I started knitting on Christmas last year has finally been completed! It only took me to better part of five months to do, but I did it :) This is very definitely the biggest and longest project I've ever knitted, let alone succeeded in making, so I'm very proud of that. The only trouble with starting it in December and finishing in May is that now the weather is so warm that an afghan is no use to me these days...ah, well. I'll just have to wait until the cold Canadian winter sets in.

I look infinitely awkward in this picture

I don't know the exact size of it, but this photo is supposed to show how big it is (and considering I'm almost 6 feet tall, it's pretty big.) Also, this picture shows the ripple pattern quite well, which I was very pleased with. But THANK GOD it's finally done!! That means my mom will stop nagging me to finish it. I think she thought I was never going to finish it...ha HA to her! (Love you, mom)

Later, alligator xox


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